Sunday, February 18, 2018

Deficit hawks no more

I thought that the Republic party was the party of the discipline or so they billed themselves to be that way.  They were deficit hawks and fiscal conservatives who would hold onto making government small and as such deficits even smaller or even balance the budget if and when they get the government. So here we are after one year of complete Republic party rule and what have we got, besides cutting some things here and there like the tax reform bill or some low income supported program which would have not busted the budget but helped poor Americans get by, the newest budget sent to congress is bigger than ever with outlays for defense increase-a signature of Republic party who also have make the Americans believe they are strong on defense. And the tax reform bill that passed the Congress increased the deficit over 10 years to more than one trillion dollars and counting.
I also read that deficit as seen by the Republicans is not as important as it was before as they are likely to keep on increasing the burden of debt accumulation solely on the shoulders of the American public. And this debt burden cannot be now solely blame on Democrats policy as the Republicans compete with them to have an equal share in this increase in deficit and debt. And with pet projects of law makers and also of the President high on the list of must do approvals in the budget and the money to go around not enough, it seems that the only way is to issue more debt and that is how the United States will seem to be carrying out its business affairs far into the future.

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