Monday, February 19, 2018

Indian population explosion-Scarce jobs

In an international newspaper I was reading that in India an advertisement for a clerical position which usually pays only Indian Rupees 7,500 ($1=64.5) and with a minimum qualification of an eighth grade drew people with graduate, masters and even doctorate graduate as the population of India is exploding and less jobs are being created. I know that people want to join a government organization even if the pay is low since it is a secured job but it is ridiculous that a job whose requirement is a minimum eighth grade qualification brings in people with master’s and doctorate degrees. Although the private sector in India is rising fast and creating big number of jobs, it still does not create enough of them to absorb millions of people entering the work force each year and thus create a situation like that above. This big population which happens to speak English has created an opportunity for foreign businesses to outsource their business to India.
With a huge population to cater to and insufficient jobs being created, the salary of Indian highly educated workers will continue to be under pressure giving ample opportunity for western business to tap into this huge and cheap workers for whom any job which pays even the minimum will do. And with little oversight from the government regarding employee benefits and welfare, the scope of outsourcing to India is huge, even if there is government oversight over business it is the job of the outsourcing companies to take care of it. But it is at the same time sad state of affairs that highly educated workers will keep on being exploited due to high demand for jobs.

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