Monday, February 19, 2018

The bottomless pit of Education-Always short on funds

I have written about it before when I mentioned it about my town being short of funds for supplies. And my town is considered upper middle class with an overwhelming majority of white and prosperous families. But the other day I was hearing on the radio that how a radio company is helping teachers get their hands on supplies which they are unable to get due to paucity of funds. And I have said it before despite the highest property taxes in the country, New Jersey is also hurting for supplies then I can imagine other places where the school taxes are not so high but I don’t really understand why that is so, I have never understood where does that money go and even after raising property (school taxes) there is still fund raising going on especially for private schools. Private schools charge so much money and still they always are on the prowl to get some more.
I am sure some private schools don’t raise funds but I have seen in my jobs that some people bring candies to the office to be sold as fund raising. There is like a perpetual cycle of fund raising going on for sports, school trips and everything imaginable or creative that the schools comes up with. We all love our children and want the best for them and sacrifice everything for them but this fund raising when we are already paying for public schools through our property taxes has got to stop.

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