Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rise of the nationalists

Although this phenomenon in recent years has seen the rise in the United States but it was not always that way. People from a country feel proud about it and some of it to the extent that they feel superior to other countries and abhor immigrants whom they feel are superior and supposedly don’t take jobs which they think are beneath their level but when the immigrants want to take that job, the nationals become agitated. But this is not an American phenomenon as most of the media would make you believe, but it happens all over the world and lately it has been showing in places not known for it previously. I am not against showing patriotic fervor when it is needed and people should be proud of where they come from and should always show it but the dangers becomes exponential when this type of patriotic tendencies descent into hatred of anything which is not of the native land.
I will give you some examples. You already know how nationalist (or simply white supremacists) are trying to set their agenda on the U.S. public but they are not the only ones as the white population in Britain and Poland and Hungry try to do the same in Europe. And not to mention in Asia, Japan has been notoriously nationalists as they have looked down upon their Korean-Japanese population for a long time and despite their shrinking population have refused to simply open the gates to immigration from less “pure blood” ( you know what I mean) countries. Chinese do the same as they are suspicious of anything that is not Chinese and so do the Russians. But if the supposedly Islamic countries where Islam specifically forbade discriminating based on race, the racist tendencies of Islamic nationalist states are simply overlooked by the natives in direct opposition to the nationalists’ tendencies being shown in European countries due to the illegal immigrants streaming to the European shores by mostly non White population.
And you would think that being an African would mean one continent as it is presumed that it is where all the dark skinned people live but even there discrimination is pervasive as the Libyans not want to be associated with Somalis and north African countries feel superior to the less wealthy Africans even if they themselves are discriminated in other places. But due to the Syrian Civil war and to a lesser extent the poverty and war ravaging some African countries, the immigrants mostly illegally trekking to European countries have given rise to nationalists feeling even in place where none of evident like in Italy and Greece, home to one of the largest concentration of illegal entrants from African and Asia. And with the rise of illegal immigrants, the rise of nationalists in the host countries was bound to happen and it will continue to remain in the elevated state. 

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