Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Year in Review-2014

As in previous years I am again doing this year regarding what happened last year so that people who have not read my blog or have not has been updated with the news can get a quick check of what happened last year so that they can catch up. My review will have no particular time line meaning it would not start with January and then onto the next month or the next. It will go just randomly go over the most important news of the year based on my assessment and my opinion only. As usual when we start our year we wish everybody well and generally are optimistic about what it will store for us. And thankful or not so thankful that the past year is going and looking forward to the New Year which will be beneficial for us particularly and the world in general. I know that as we greet a New Year, not all of the people may had a good year before. Some may have lost their jobs, some their homes, some went through divorce and separation, breaking up with your significant other, charges of cheating and infidelity and worse of all losing your child or your parents or siblings to diseases or killings. I am in no way minimizing the grief felt by each individual party in this case and everybody has a story to tell about how the previous year went by. Here my review is about world events that affected us in one way or the other. So with this in mind let's start our journey to what were the main events (according to what I read throughout the year) in the year 2014.

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