Saturday, January 17, 2015

The French terrorist killings-2

Now the latest news is that the terrorists killed in the French carnage were on the U.S. no fly list and the French intelligence had put them surveillance for their activities. But all this did not stop the massacre that happened in France. As everybody by now knows that France is host to the largest Muslim population in Europe, and most if not all have been marginalized due to their ethnic and religious affiliation. I was also surprised to read that in France it is customary to put your photo on your resume and it gives a best chance for corporate managers to discriminate. The Muslim population has been disenfranchised for a long time in France and despite being secular in nature; France does discriminate on the basis of religious affiliation. My opinion is not the trivialize what happened in France but to convey the fact that these kinds of events are bound to happen as France looks the other way while its Muslim population become increasingly radicalized and disillusioned with dim job prospects for them. Already there have been several threats against France by ISIS and Al-Qaeda and as I read on one of the websites that France is not prepared to fully respond to the threats. The unity rally that happened yesterday expressed solidarity with the victims was a great gesture but would it be able to stop more attacks when the root cause of the problem is not solved. It is reported that more than 900 French have joined the battle in Iraq and Syria and French government looks helpless in tracking down who is coming in or out of France.

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