Saturday, January 17, 2015

Suspension of your dieting plan in holiday season

Holiday season starting from Thanksgiving Day to the start of New Year is a festive mood here in the United States and other countries. People are generally happy and there are parties going on and people bring different kinds of dessert to their work place and also arrange parties in their homes or outside. And luckily my birthday also falls during the holiday season and I bring a cake to my colleagues at the place where I work and share with them the joyous occasion. And I am not the only one with a birthday around the holiday. But since there is so much cheers and happiness going on that somebody had to bring some cake also and during one of these occasions some lady said that she cannot eat that much since her diet plan will be ruined or it becomes ruined because there is so much to eat. But you know that the temptation is so great that despite all the restraints you cannot help but eat at least one slice of cake or one portion of dessert and I keep on insisting that you will take care of your diet after the holidays as you have to suspend your dieting plan during the holidays as apart from temptation, you don’t want to offend your colleagues, friends, relatives that you will not participate in their happiness and all around festivities. As people tend to overspend during holiday season on presents and then try to pay off their debt after New Year, the same goes with the diet plan as people splurge on unhealthy food and then try to make sure they go on a diet right after New Year.

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