Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Sixth anniversary of my Father’s Death

Today is my Father's sixth Death Anniversary and the pain is no less than when he passed away. I miss him a lot and his advice and his laughter and anger and his worries and just fun time with him just enjoying his company. Several times during the last year as for the several past years since he passed away I see him in dreams in weird circumstances but always young and not the sick one when he passed away. I was just remembering him on my birthday which was in late December because that was the last time I spoke with him and he said Happy Birthday to me and then 12 days later I heard the news that he has passed away and I was not there at his last moment. Since he was overseas at the time of his passing and I was in the U.S. so I was unable to attend his funeral which is the greatest regret of my life. It is hard to describe what I feel without my father and I cannot express my feelings in words. It is said that time heals everything but as I have said before, it does not heal some losses no matter how much time has passed away. I am sure my other siblings also feel the loss of him but for me, the only son, this loss sometimes becomes unbearable and sometimes I wish I had spent more time with him but now this opportunity is all gone. You see that when your parents are there you are so much immersed in your own lives that you take them for granted that you will always find them but once they are gone you feel emptiness in your lives no matter how cheerful you are from outside. I will always miss you and love you Daddy.

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