Monday, January 5, 2015

Another year and another round of resolutions for it

The New Year has not even started yet and people (including I) start asking my colleagues and other friends their New Year resolutions. So thus begins another year and another round of resolutions which some studies have suggested a minority of the people are able to keep it or just give it up after a month or so. The biggest one of them is the resolve to lose weight and in no particular order, being nice, eat healthy, reduce debt, travel and many others particular to certain individuals. Why do people keep resolutions is beyond me. I mean I can understand that you are making an effort to achieve a goal but if you are not going to stick to the plan you as well not make one and then regret it later on. I know that it makes someone happy that it is a New Year and if were not able to achieve your goal last year, you may try to achieve this year but the biggest one of all, losing weights is the one that most of the people's resolve gets sent to the dumps in the first month of the year. The other ones like eating healthy, travel and reduce debt is easier to achieve since it does not require that much effort as losing weight because of so much delicious temptations of food out there. My resolve for the New Year is to reduce my debt, eat a little bit healthy (not get overboard with it) and simultaneously start two start-ups tech businesses. I know that it will be too much work but if I love something I would not mind working more hours than usual and I hope that I still to my resolve and not waiver in it as failure is not an option for me. I hope that people who have New Year resolutions maybe able to keep it and follow it through so that they don’t have to make the same resolutions all over again in the next New Year.

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