Saturday, January 17, 2015

A new beginning for Cuba-U.S. relationship

After more than half a century of economic embargo and diplomatic cutoff, the United States announced a sort of normalization of relations with Cuba. I don’t know what transpired this change of heart but it was about time this was going to end. Although the process will be slow but it has started. As usual with any kind of decision like this there are supporters and there are opponents. The people who are enthusiastic about are the ones who were born after the Communist rule started and have suffered under the strain of U.S. embargo and do not care about politics but some calm in their lives. But the opposition has been strong enough made up of people who were exiled and see things through their exiled lenses and believe that the Current President has betrayed them and say that nothing has changed and will not change until the Castro family is out of the way. You know that the U.S. fought in Vietnam which ended around the early seventies and apart from occasional movies about Vietnam, the U.S. has moved on fairly quickly to recognize Vietnam in less than 30 years or so but with Cuba it has just started to make peace with its new decision slowly. But I wonder as with Cuba and Vietnam, how long would it take for the U.S. and Iran to heal their wounds and resume relations. I know there will always be opposition here in the U.S. and in Iran but somebody relations will normalize but again how long and will it beat the longest one with Cuba as it is now almost 35 years since 1979 Iranian revolution. Bad blood is still there but it will take another couple of decades to heal some of the bitterness.

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