Saturday, January 17, 2015

The End of moratorium of death penalty in Pakistan-2

As you may know by reading my posts that I am all for death penalty. There can be arguments that death penalty would not bring someone loved ones back or it is riddled with racism and other inaccuracies where the innocent party can be executed. But despite this death penalty is not awarded just right away and the execution taking place the next day. It takes years of appeals and arguments in courts and in the general media to go to that stage and even until the end there is hope that the person given the death penalty will be spared death and his sentence will either be overturned or commuted to life imprisonment. But in Pakistan's case, the accused were said to be coerced into given confession which implicated them into some heinous crimes but mostly the terrorists brag about their ''accomplishments" and do not feel any remorse in saying that they killed it in the name of their so called "religion". The death penalty currently being applied may appall many so called human right organization but right now there is no other deterrence available to Pakistan as it continues its battle against Islamic extremism and militancy. Given all the noises made around the world regarding the complicity of the Pakistani Military in the growth of the militancy. But with the new Army chief in place, there is some sort of recognition all the international pressure about doing away with death penalty has to be ignored if Pakistan has to survive as a nation. I will talk about the death penalty sometimes later on but for now I welcome the restoration of death penalty in Pakistan.

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