Monday, January 5, 2015

Do you follow the critics or your own assessment?

When I watch movies usually I go by the critic’s assessment of how the movie was and how it is made. I know that sometimes it weighs heavily on my decision to watch a particular movie or not. Usually the critics are everyday person who are analyzing the movie for other movie goers and sometimes you have your so called who will critique the movie to death that you get lost in what they are saying and you decide that it is better to watch the movie yourself and decide if you agree with the critics or just don’t want to analyze it too deeply to ruin your experience. In this case, I stop following the critics assessment and just go on watching the movie and decide myself. Sometimes the critics do slam the movie and they are right but sometimes what they think is not good turns out to be a block buster and people throng to see it anyway. I follow the money, if I see that the movie has made more than enough money beyond their budget, it means that most of the people have liked it even if the critics hated it with a passion. But here's the dilemma, even if the movie has made a lot of money that does not mean that I would like it like most of the people. It can be crappy movie but the fans maybe duped into watching it. So it is hard to tell which movie one will like until you sit down and watch it yourself and stop depending on critics and other fans of the movie.

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