Saturday, January 17, 2015

The French terrorist killings-3

Too many privacy issues in Europe have given added momentum for the radicals to publicize their wares without the government snooping around their business. I truly understand that privacy concern are legitimate but the war that is now being fought is entirely different when whole armies used to stand face to face and fight it out. I have already emphasized in my blog that either you can have privacy and be insecure or have less privacy and feel a bit secure. Although people are hesitant to give up their privacy because they don’t want the governments to snoop into their lives but in an age where the terrorists are using all kind of technology to recruit new adheres and spread their agenda due to this so called "freedom of speech", there is no choice for the government but to increase their surveillance and monitoring of people's lives to know where the next threat is going to come from. It is interesting to find out what measures, if any, France will take to tackle this menace amongst their midst as there seems like many legitimate grievances that can become potential magnet for somebody crazy enough to act alone or band with some other like minded individuals to attack people at random as has been emphasized by the latest threats by ISIS and other groups to attack civilians, Police and other security agencies personnel in the West as they are also considered part of the same so called " crusader army" and the backlash that the Muslims will face from the far right anti Islamic agenda. I will talk about the freedom of speech issue and other issues related to it.

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