Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Streaming wars

If you are like millions of Americans you may have now noticed that there have been more choices than ever to watch movies on your computer without the bothersome work of downloading. It is called streaming and it is just like DVD player in that you can fast forward, stop, pause, rewind, start again, raise volume, change the movie screen size and do almost anything that you DVD player is supposed too with one exception. You don’t have to physically put the DVD inside the player in order to watch it. Although the quality is questionable at best right now but it is improving rapidly due to the increase use of faster broadband internet and with this popularity has come the wars among different old media providers and new startup players.

The Streaming war among media providers is heating up in this exciting field. Every now and then there is an announcement that new players are entering the market to provide streaming shows and movies to customers. It is good for the customers since they have more choices and with that lower price but ultimately with all the other industries there will come a time when a correction will have to take place and only the strongest will survive and the weak ones will exit either due to content restriction or financing issues. In order to side line the restrictions of content providers, the streamers will have to finance their own exclusive shows and movies in order to differentiate them from the crowd and that will again mean only the financially strong will be able to survive in this brutal field.

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