Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Family death

Recently my mother in law passed away after a two year battle with Multiple Myeloma (a form of blood cancer) (May her soul rest in peace). It was a heart wrenching to watch a young woman who was really started to enjoy her grandkids died. My wife who was very close to her was devastated since the thought of her going away so soon was too much to bear. My mother in law family tried their best to get her the best treatment in the best hospitals in New York but it was not meant to be. The Cancer was too much to bear. Even with all the advancements that human beings have achieved in the field of technology and other areas, the human body remains one tough mystery to crack.

Even with all the research being undertaken for cancer and some promising results, whenever you hear that a person has cancer you instantly believes that it is a death sentence on the person and their families. You can prolong their lives and maybe a chance that the cancer will go into remission but most of the time, it is just waiting and going to the doctors and trying to make your loved ones happy but it is really very heart wrenching especially when it is your parents and kids and siblings, it is hard to prepare yourself for the inevitable day of reckoning since you know that it can come anytime. This is what is happening now with my wife since the acceptance phase that her mother is gone takes a lot of time. Believe me I know since the time my Father passed away more than three years ago I still can't believe that he is gone and I would not see him again in this world.

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