Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seeking pets-2

I did not got to see the dog section since we were looking for cats and there were kids with their parents checking out the cats. And once they liked it they were taken out of their respective cages and put in a big one with their prospective adoptive family to make sure they are comfortable with each other. We liked two cats, one was shy one and the other one had a leg broken (now healed) who wanted a house with a cat already in. After making acquaintance with the family, my nieces' uncle family decided to adopt the cat (it was a male). The adoption process was smooth but a long one with all sorts of papers, including ownership and health certificates, their food intakes and all the related things that the cat needs for their new adoptive home. They had already brought a cage for the cat but it was small compared to the cat so they had to buy another big one from there.

The faces of the kids adopting the cat were superb like they have conquered some city. On our way back, the cat kept on making small noises occasionally maybe to let us know about his feelings of being caged in or being taking to a new place. When we reached their home, I was already getting late for my trip home to New Jersey, so I was unable to find out how the new cat adopted to his new place with another cat already there. Pet adoption can be a breezy process but to get used to them and they to you and your surroundings is another matter.

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