Thursday, March 29, 2012

Capturing life with Pictures-2

Even if you don’t take pictures of human beings or your loved ones, there are many who take picture of inanimate objects. This may include buildings or just natural scenery. Animals are another category that people are fond of taking pictures and then put them online for everybody to see. Pictures are just capturing a special and not so special moment in one's lives weathering it is a flattering image or just plain being yourself or any other object. I don’t know of anybody who has not indulged in taking pictures. You even see people on tourists sites requesting other people to take pictures of their families and small children are at the forefront of being in the picture. Parents are specially obsessed with taking almost every picture of their babies and kids to cherish them maybe in their older years when their kids have left their homes.

Fond memories and stories behind those pictures captivate and fascinate the heart of the loved ones and the people seeing them. If you also see some movies the picture is a central part of that movie and it comes alive with many stories behind them. Right now just writing about the taking pictures makes me wonder if I have taken enough pictures of my family to live later part of my life relying on them to reminiscent of the previous times and put a smile on my face or make me cry remembering the long gone era.

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