Thursday, March 29, 2012

The gas prices volatility continues

The price to fill up your car has been going up due to higher gas prices all across. You can blame it on the government but more so it is due to the demand and supply and also the Middle East tensions that is being escalated between Iran and the West over the former's allegedly nuclear program. But also due to the fact that the American economy is doing much better than the Europeans and thus more demand for gasoline. People have started to complain about the gas prices and blaming it on the incumbent President but he may have little to do with the supply and demand. The global oil market is dynamic enough that it does not follow the dictates of any superpower unless there are major geopolitical tensions and thus we come back to the wild card Iran situation.

Summer season is going to start soon and demand will go up dramatically and if the war between Iran and West Start or if Israel attacks Iranian nuclear facilities then the resulting tension will increase the price of gasoline very much. Since if you attack a country, that country being as important as Iran will lash out at anything that will hurt the west and right now with the world economy recovery slowly moving along, the resultant price hike of gasoline will scuttle that recovery and even may push the world economy to recession once again (unless Saudis and other oil countries take up the missing oil which is a big if). So for now we will be seeing much gas price volatility for the near future. Stay tuned

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