Thursday, March 29, 2012

The fragility of the humans

As I have mentioned in my blog before that my recently my mother in law passed away. As we were burying her and I was standing on top of the empty grave and the thought of a person going in that place made me cry a lot that I started to imagine that this is how the end of humans come too. Granted that many people do cremate their loved ones (that is another story) but most of the people are still buried and so come to think of it, human beings are very fragile and not at all what you see outside with their egotistical existence and arrogance shown all above. What I started to realize that all these CEO, Presidents, Generals and powerful politicians and influential business have all one thing in common with ordinary folks like us is that all have to go one day. Maybe they may elaborate and expensive funerals but all are buried in the ground (or cremated in some cases).

In the United States, they say that Death and Taxes are certain but all over the world the only thing certain is Death. You may be the most powerful man (or woman) in your country but when you die you get to have only six feet of land on which your body lie. The Fragile nature of human beings are most of the times ignored and people go about doing their business as if they are going to live forever but the harsh reality is that we all have to go and at that moment we are at the mercy of others to make sure we get a decent burial (or cremation) and that is where you will find the human finally the most venerable and fragile.

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