Thursday, March 29, 2012

Capturing life with Pictures

Photography is a hobby many people adopt, sometimes they do it professionally but most of the times, they want to capture a certain moment in their lives or other things surrounding them. I also use to take pictures but not so lately but I believe that it is really an important part of people's lives to engage in taking pictures. If I did not have pictures or nobody would have taken pictures of myself and my family and extended ones, I would have missed out at important and not so important moments in my life which I now cherish and live with it. Like when I was little I had pictures with my dad on several occasions, that was the happy times and I remember where I was when that important moment was forever captured on picture.

The pictures have enabled me to show my kids how their grandfather looked like and my sisters looked like and their cousins in faraway places. Even when you go to vacation, you try to capture as much pictures as possible to relish that time and then you post it on your face book account for everybody to see and enjoy with you. Every picture conveys its own history and story behind it and even years after you have taken them, you remember the exact moment you have taken that picture. Taking picture is an art which some people take very seriously and spends thousands of dollars on equipment to take a picture as perfect and as sharp as possible and then show their masterpiece to their family and friends.

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