Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seeking pets

A few weeks ago I went to see my nieces and sister in Rhode Island. My nieces are huge Cat lovers and they have five cats at home. Their uncle has also become a fan of them and when I reached there they took me to a cat show in Providence, Rhode Island. An amazing assortment of cat lovers and cats greeted me there. Every kind I guess was there including breeders who sell kittens. Since it was in Rhode Island, mostly the cat owners were from the North East area as far back as Pennsylvania. Although the cats looked beautiful but the maintenance scares me a bit. It is not about the money but the taking care of them and making sure they are okay with food, health, safety and cleanliness makes me a little hesitant to keep it in the house. Although I had parrots, birds and chicks but never cats or dogs or any other animal and I am not about to have one right now.

Anyway after looking at the cats with awe and weary eyes (although my nieces were having a ball with the cats). My nieces’ uncle decided to go the Animal rescue league of Boston to adopt a cat they have seen on the internet. After driving almost for an hour, we reached Boston and the office of the league. I have never been to an animal shelter and besides cats; they had a dog section, and also some birds, parrots and ferrets

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