Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Human Resources development reality

In the years before the Human resources department of a corporation or an entity used to be called Personnel department (in some places it still do) but on the way some smart person decided that it would be nice and much better and sophisticated sounding name of Human Resources should be more appropriate to put on their Personnel department and then this trend started. And here I have some argument with that. I have rarely seen a Human Resources department where they really develop the Human Resources as it should be. The Human Resources department is one of the most neglected of any entity (unless you want to hire somebody and deal with your personal matters). Development of Human Resources has long been abandoned and now most of the entities demand that the person whom they are hiring should be well versed in the job they are getting hired for.

One of the requirements of the Human Resources department should be to develop the new recruits and have continued development of the current ones otherwise the Human Resources department is just a post office where you get your personal details and requirements sorted out. Either the name should be changed back to Personnel Department (which is more appropriate) or a real effort should be made to develop the Human Resources for which the name stands for. It is no use masking the true nature of the Human Resources when everybody knows what they are doing in the first place-recruiting and catering to the personnel details of their current employees and not much developing.

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