Saturday, December 24, 2016

The rise of Nationalism across the world

Due to the uncertain economic and violent times, there has been a growing rise of nationalism around the world. I have no problem with nationalism. In fact it is a good thing to be patriotic to their own countries but when the Nationalism descends into White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or any other racist Nationalism and descends into violence just to prove your point then it is downright dangerous and evil. And this is what has been happening lately due to the fact that most of the Nationalism is being done by countries where the people are majority white and they are not use to people of different races amongst their midst and so their kind of Nationalism is being manifested in violence to try to make them feel superior to the downtrodden and desperate people. I believe that this kind of Nationalism was always there but it was suppressed because there was no cause to exhibit it against their fellow citizen. But with the relentless migration that is happening in Europe for economic or war reasons, this kind of nationalism is reared its ugly head and it can threatens the economies of these countries since the Tourism industry will also be affected by the wave of deliberate violence against migrants who may or not be citizens of countries come there for tourism. If only this kind of nationalism can be channeled to something positive that is good for their country and economy then Nationalism would not have such a bad reputation and fear. And I am talking about every Kind of Nationalism that instills fears in the heart of migrants legal or illegal.

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