Sunday, December 4, 2016

ISIS attacks on Shiite mosque in Afghanistan and Iraq

The recent attacks on Shiite Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq by ISIS shows that the organization is far from being defeated and the hatred ideology that it pursues still attracts a lot of people who know nothing about Islam but uses its name to confuse people and damage the religion. And the most hatred that ISIS has in store is for Shiite people and not the so called non Muslims that the claim to hate. Shiites have been carrying the brunt of attacks but the so called Muslim Ummah (where the Muslims claim to be one nation) is really a sham since you cannot even go to one Islamic country from another without obtaining visas, have been really quiet about these attacks since they in their infinite wisdom think that Shiites are infidels and deserve to die. It is only the Shiite have been in mourning about these attacks and on one else. Although I may have my differences about the U.S. President Elect but I sure hope that he keeps his promise to bomb ISIS out of existence as he has said in his election campaign. The so called Muslim nations have been either quiet about ISIS or are supportive about them since the only thing the so called Muslims have been good at lately is terrorize people all across the globe in the name of religion which they don’t even know or claim to practice. I am really disgusted by all the bloodshed in the name of Islam that these so called Muslims are perpetuating and the complete silence of the majority of the Muslims and their so called foundations. I will write about this more in my later posts as this is not the end of the attacks on all freedom loving people.

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