Saturday, December 24, 2016

Go back to your Country

As everybody knows hate crimes are on the rise and not only against Muslims but Jews and other religious minorities as well after the U.S. election. But in Europeans countries due to the uncontrollable immigration by Muslim refugees due to war and poverty, there has been a greater backlash against them. But every time there has been attack the most the attacker during or after the attack says “Go back to your country”. Now what does it mean by that? First some of the victims are born in the U.S. and other countries and the U.S. is as much as their country as anybody else. Second do the white people really belong to the U.S. as everybody in the U.S. is an immigrant in one way or the other? People should believe in the fact that U.S. is an immigrant country but some people want to believe that it is not and that is why they are lashing out at immigrants. I do recognize tghat it is hard time to be stressful as some of the bad apple in the immigrants has carried out some heinous acts of terrorism but the overwhelming of the majority of immigrants are hard working and peaceful people. Now what would you say to a white person who acts violently, would you say go back to your country? I am not saying all people are bad; it is sometimes the frustration of not being helpless in the face of uncertain violent and economic times that some of the people are lashing out at people who don’t look similar to them. I urge everybody to be tolerant of other people as we the people need to be united in the face of growing bigotry and religious and racial intolerance.

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