Monday, December 26, 2016

Black Friday deals

As has been usual for the last so many years, black Friday deals came with a lot of discounts and fanfare. It had started to get advertised for almost about a month and every kind of retailer jumped in, even the car dealers for many of the people is the second biggest purchase after their house. But when I started to think a little bit more, it became impossible to see any Black Friday deals on any of the houses for sale advertised, not a single one. I know the house is the biggest purchase and investment a person would be doing in their entire life and the sellers don’t want to throw away that investment at a fire sale but when a house have been on the market for a long time or when the seller desperately wants to sell their house for whatever reason, a black Friday deal once a year is not a bad option at all. As for you, you are right that I would not do the same if I were in the home seller’s shoes but when the house is not being sold for what you think is worth based on the sentimental value stuck in your head, it is better to reduce the amount and give it a gimmick sale like on Black Friday steal deal so that you can attract more buyers and maybe sell the house for a few thousand dollars less rather than waiting for the right kind of buyer and in the meantime incurring more maintenance and maybe another month of mortgage to your expenses

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