Friday, December 23, 2016

On the lighter side-Travel-Lake Placid, New York-2

My wife really snagged a good black Friday deal for a suite as we had a whole room and a small room attached with it, suite that is. After a good night rest, we woke up to go the attached restaurant for which we had two days worth of vouchers with us from the hotel to enjoy our breakfast. When we went there, it was a mad house as it was Sunday and people were there with their families and the restaurant was full. Our breakfast took a long time to complete and then we ventured out in the street in the cold weather to do some shopping and sightseeing. We drank a most delicious hot chocolate from a local store and bought some local chocolates and then decided to head to the nearby whiteface mountain in the town of Wilmington, almost thirteen miles from our hotel. When we reached there the parking lot was full of cars and the weather was gorgeous (meaning cold), there was water flowing in the west branch of the Ausable River running below the bridge connecting the parking lot to the mountain area. When I saw the gondolas rising to reach the summit of the whiteface mountain, I said I was not going to go on it and I told my family so too. Most the people were there to enjoy skiing and we had to go to the top of the mountain. There were two peaks of the mountain one was at 3676 feet and the other to the top of the mountain at above 4000 feet. Reluctantly I decided to join my family in the ride up to the mountain but I dared not looked down to see how high I was and in about 10 minutes or less (any minute was too much for me anyway) we reached the summit and the view from the top was breathtaking and most of the people were there for skiing purposes of every age.

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