Saturday, December 3, 2016

Attacks on Police

Lately I have been reading a disturbing trend of targeting law enforcement officers who have been targeted just because they have been wearing a uniform while performing their duties. I know that there is a pent up anger at law enforcement due to some confrontation between minorities and Police resulting in the unfortunate death of civilians. Furthermore even after the investigations most of the Police officers have been absolved of any wrong doing. But instead of taking out the anger at the Police officers who have been involved in shootings, the people have taken law in their own hands and start targeting police officers who have nothing to do with the Police officers involved in police shootings with civilians. There is absolutely no justification in targeting Police officers who are just doing their duty when they receive a call to address some legal issues or enforcing laws which they are bound to uphold. What are the people targeting law enforcement trying to prove? Even after targeting the Police, these same people will call the Police in case of accidents, domestic disturbance, robbery, home invasion and other numerous issues in which laws are involved. And at a time when the relations between law enforcement and the civilians are at a very low level, these kinds of attacks are not helping in bridging the gap between them. In fact it will make the Police more paranoid about approaching anybody with suspicion and crime rate may in fact increase and not decrease. So everybody should make a collective effort to make sure that the attacks on Police should stop since Police are the same people living in our communities.

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