Saturday, December 24, 2016

The fall of Aleppo, Syria

After holding the symbolic town of Aleppo, Syria for almost four years, the Syrian rebels under relentless Syria and Russian backed forced under a deal decided to surrender the town and escape to other more favorable towns. It was a very public and humiliating defeat for the Syrian rebels which instead of blaming the west should blame them to not uniting as one force to face the onslaught. You can write tons of material of what was the reasons behind it from every point of view but the West were only half hearted interested in supporting the Syrian rebels and it was up to the Saudis and rich Arab kingdom to support the rebels with financial and material support but not the forces needed to hold on to the town. When the Arab spring started, there was much fanfare to dislodge the last regime standing in the way of the west and other Sunni Arab states but after the Islamic state and other terrorists organizations join in the rebellion of the Syrian government and with no clear leadership, the failure of the rebel movement was bound to come. On top of it, the failure of the toppling of the governments in Iraq and Libya where there is a big presence of Islamic jihadists gave pause to the west and make them think that only a strong man would be able to restore some kind of peace in Syria. And with no one leader strong enough to unite the rebels and with every country remotely interested in Syria having their own agenda to pursue, the rebels did not have a chance to hold on to Aleppo. Stay tuned for more coverage on Syria.

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