Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chicago soaring homicide rates

Although I have been following the news regarding the soaring homicide rate in Chicago but even for the city it was bad news that the murder rate has gone up considerably since the year 2015. While Chicago is the third biggest city in the U.S. their homicide rate is higher than both Los Angeles and New York per capita wise.In fact right now the homicide rate is more than 700 which is more than the combined murder rate of New York and Los Angeles whose total population is 4 times more than Chicago. I cannot even think that a city with less population than New York and Los Angeles cannot control its homicide rate. Even factoring in illegal arms (which are also available in New York and Los Angeles), Chicago should not be experiencing this kind of mayhem in its neighborhoods. Is it really relaxed nature of the law enforcement or some other factor contributing to the soaring homicides rates, it is hard to understand. Why can’t Chicago learn from New York, where the homicide rate has considerably gone down and with aggressive policing and other efforts the homicide rate more or less has been stable for a few years. I believe that Chicago can and must do whatever it can to reduce its murder rate and get help from New York City law enforcement and other federal agencies to stop this painful blemish on the lives of Chicago Citizens.

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