Sunday, November 4, 2018

The worst mass murder of Jews in U.S. History

During the time the failed mail bomber was captured without anybody getting killed, another white racist who was filled with anger about Jews,  attacked a synagogue and kill 11 Jewish people who were there exercising their freedom to religion. Also in the ensuing gun fight, the gunman was injured, along with four officers. After capturing and presenting him in court, he has entered a Not Guilty Plea, which seems incredible as he was clearly the one who did the shooting as witnessed by many people. I think that there should an overhaul of this kind of justice system where he should not be deemed innocent as he clearly was the killer and after all the trials and drama, if he is proven guilty then what is the use of spending millions of dollars on a guilty person who has been proven guilty. I know I am just yapping about and I have deviated from the topic which is a white person full of hatred against Jews, can’t control his anger and decide to embark on his evil quest to kill as many Jews as possible.
I know that there are people out there who would give these kinds of acts of terror on the current U.S. President rhetoric about nationalist ideology but despite this, an overwhelming majority of people are acting out their anger by killing people. I know the level of racism has increased since he was elected President, and in this charged atmosphere where the whole country is divided and angry, there may be some people who may have been influenced by all this news and get encouraged to act out their racist tendencies which was kept inside for a long time. Anyway, it is a very evil act to kill innocent worshippers just because the killer acted on his perceived anger against a religious group who was not harming anybody. I hope justice is done and he should get the maximum punishment allowed by law.

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