Saturday, November 17, 2018

Everybody’s streaming

And here I am only talking about movies and not music as music sites have their own streaming which is exploding every day. But streaming music is much easier and not uses as much data than the movies which needs lots of data even for streaming standard version of a movie. I just know a few of the sites legally that stream movies which includes Netflix, Hulu, Shudder, Screambox, full moon streaming, Amazon, not to mention the streaming services of the Pay TV channels like HBO, Showtime (please note all the services mentioned are owned by their copyright owners and are used here for reference purposes only) and others that are not mentioned here. Now Disney ® is coming to streaming too and it is really becoming crowded as each of the above mentioned services are investing heavily in original programming and trying to get as many customers to their services as possible.
As more and more streaming becomes the norm, it is becoming harder for people to choose only one streaming services for all their needs as one person in a family may want to watch one show, while the other one may want to watch another show which may not be on one streaming services. That will hit the finances of the family and it may ultimately be that some of the streaming services may either have to consolidate or forced to close. Although, streaming is good as it allows people to enjoy entertainment in their comfort of their homes, but it is becoming quite expensive and difficult to choose which one to subscribe to and which one not to.

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