Sunday, November 11, 2018

On the lighter side-Movies-Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise (1940-B&W)-Sidney Toler

This was the time, when I had not many movies to choose from and I have heard about Charlie Chan before but had never bothered to see its movie. So I decided that why not go back in time and see these movies which are easily available on the internet and they are short like around one hour give or take. This humble and very polite Chinese-American detective based in Honolulu, Hawaii was done by two white actors at a time when very few characters were given to Chinese or African American actors. Charlie Chan most of time appeared with this Chinese son who was named No. 2 son who provided a comic relief from the very serious Charlie Chan.  His best lines were, Correction please and Contradiction Out of around four dozen movies, I saw 27 or so movies in no chronological order. I hope you also will enjoy these movies as I will give brief synopsis of what is usually happens in these murder mystery movies.
Charlie Chan on a cruise across the Pacific Ocean tries to uncover a killer aboard.

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