Saturday, November 17, 2018

Another Shooting

There was another shooting in the U.S. where a lone gunman came and shot thirteen people including himself in dance bar. And with no surprise in this, he was a white male.
He was not a Muslim terrorists or an illegal immigrant or even an immigrant but a decorated soldier, who just snapped (or did he?) and just went out and killed and also he had the time to update his post on social media. The media reports that he has some sort of PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) or simply he had some mental health issue that prompted him to shoot and kill people. Now I don’t know the whole story about the motives behind this massacre as the law enforcement is still trying to determine it but what was the fault of the bar people that they fell to the wrath of this mad man. Is it more convenient for the general public to lay the blame on mental health and brush aside other factors?
The gunman was fully aware of what he was doing as he had a social media account and updated his post while killing. He used a smoke grenade to confuse his victims and when his magazine was empty, he started to load it again. He had a magazine which is illegal in California. So now folks, where does mental health comes into this, when all the above things point out to a sane person meticulously do all the stuff just to kill people. Another point to note is that I can understand that until 1973, the military had a draft where people had to join in so PTSD can be attributed to the involuntary killing of civilian and other human beings but after the draft ending, the military became and is a voluntary service where one knows exactly that when he or she joins, there is a highly and certain possibility that they will see combat and will have to kill people so I don’t get the PTSD part in this all voluntary army. One is voluntarily joining a service where you will be killing another human being, so the PTSD part is hard to understand. It is just me but I hope some of my readers can highlight this issue. Anyway, my heart goes out the folks whose sons and daughters died a tragic death.

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