Sunday, November 4, 2018

Caravans to a better future in the United States

Initially a large group of migrants trying to escape from poverty and violence in their war torn countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras started organizing groups of people to walk to the U.S. border to gain asylum. And now encouraged by the success of some previous small groups entering the United States, more and more groups of migrants are making the treacherous trek to the so called Promised Land-the United States. And with these groups comes the hardened attitude of the United States government as it bolsters the border protection forces by regular military troops. The President first tried to cut off the aid of the above mentioned countries, but with the action failing to stem the follow of the illegal immigrants, he has decided to send in regular troops to stop the migrants from entering the country through illegal routes at the border. He is also saying that the migrants will be housed in tents along the border areas till their cases are heard which maybe months or years in the making.
Although I feel for these migrants who are escaping poverty and violence in their respective countries but right now it is the worst time to try to get to the United States as the rise of racism and nationalism will slow down their progress to enter or gain legal status before the already millions of illegal migrants already in line to seek change to their status. Also these migrants need to understand that the legal path is always the right one even when you are trying to escape poverty and violence. If whole countries decide to migrant, then their countries will never improve. These citizens should realize that not everything will be solved even when they reach the United States as they will be treated as illegals for years to come and will never be able to assimilate in their adopted country.

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