Sunday, November 4, 2018

The failed mail bomber

Recently after a series of bombs mailed through the U.S. postal system, a person was apprehended after a single DNA was found on a package sent by him to prominent critics of the U.S. President. And now he has appeared in a court with tears coming out of his eyes. The things that are coming out for this person is quite sad and sometimes hilarious. Let me elaborate, he was a loner and strapped for cash and did different jobs and supposedly was a very enthusiastic supporter of the U.S. President. It has been reported that he was a white supremacist and thought that only whites and those with racist and nationalist credentials ought to be in this world alone. The hilarious part is that he was not even a white guy but his father was a Filipino who married a white woman of Italian descent and so he was half white and half Filipino.
It is also reported that he wanted the world to go back to the Hitler days but now you can just imagine the low IQ of this guy. If he was in the Hitler days, his father would have been killed because he was a Filipino and his mother would have been killed because she married a Filipino man and this mail bomber would have been killed just because he was of mixed breed. Even if he was in Philippines, the Japanese would have killed him since Japan was occupying Philippines at the time of Hitler. So before becoming a so called white supremacist (which he is clearly not as mentioned above and reported by various media outlets), he should have read some history to see where do a mixed race person fit into a world of White supremacy.

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