Sunday, November 11, 2018

American Embassy in Jerusalem and Palestinians

When the Americans decided that they will move their embassy from Tel Aviv, Israel to Jerusalem, there was a lot of dire warnings and opposition from almost every part of the world but as I wrote it in my blog, there was nothing that was much going to happen and I was proven right. Now the Brazilian President has decided to move its country’s embassy to Jerusalem and there is again opposition but it is very mild, as the Arabs don’t care much about Palestinians and anything they say in their support is just to appease the small population of Arabs who oppose Israel as the efforts of the Arabs have now to been to how to isolate another Muslim Country Iran and in this sense, the Arabs have aligned their lot with the Israelis and the Americans. The Palestinians are the only ones who will fight this war and they should forget about their supposedly Arab brothers who don’t have the means or the will or the care to support them.
Instead of wasting their time and energy on symbolic efforts to discourage other countries not to locate their embassies to Jerusalem, they should concentrate on trying to strengthen their diplomatic skills on showcasing what is happening in their territories and present a united front. It is useless for them to rely on their so called Arab brothers as they have failed them time and time again. Ultimately, the Palestinians will live or die on their own as they will be the only ones face the guns of Israel as the other Arabs and Muslims go into a deep slumber.

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