Sunday, August 6, 2017

Tattoo and Jobs

I had an interesting listening to some of the people who are have tattoo on their bodies but they have to hide it when they have to interview, attend a meeting or go to some formal occasion. It is the same conservative environment that despite all the changes still regard tattoo as being some of gang related or rebellious thing. Same thing goes for piercing. But as for some piercing you can take off during interviews or some formal occasion, it is harder for a person with a tattoo to take it off without some surgical procedure which can be painful, expensive and leave some scars behind. I really don’t see anything wrong with having tattoos even when you are going for an interview, although I do say that it can be distracting to the interviewer. But if I was interviewing someone, I would not mind if they have tattoos on their body. But here I would say that if the tattoo is on your face which is more prominent and on the whole parts of your arms and your neck, I would be a little bit hesitant to interview that person and may be even distracted by it. It is not that I would judge him on the basis of tattoo, it will be a just a little bit of distracting to me. A few tattoos here and there is fine as it does not hinder the person ability to do their job or distract others from doing their job, but when you are awash with tattoos and they only thing you see are the tattoos, your interview will not go so well as the person interviewing will keep on thinking about what the tattoos mean and why and under what circumstances he went for it.

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