Sunday, August 6, 2017

Time Management

Recently the state of Maine and New Jersey had a budget crisis serious enough to close down the whole state for both of them. Since I live in New Jersey, I will talk about the budget crisis that has been thankfully resolved after a three days pass and now the state recreational facilities and all non essential state institutions will open once again. During the closure of all non essential state institutions including Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) , I read complaints on the internet such as some people license or registration was expired and they went to renew it and found out that the offices of DMV were closed and people were upset about it since they could not renew their documents. Other thing that I read was that some of the people just went to the offices and found out there that the departments are closed due to state budget crisis and they were surprised that they did not read it and here I was surprised by how ignorant and ill informed choose to be. I don’t know if the people are so busy that every waking and sleeping moment of their lives they care only about their lives or just lazy enough that they want to do everything at the last moment. The registration and renewal of vehicle licenses are not sent out two or three days ago that people don’t get the chance to do it. They are sent out two months before they expire to give people ample enough time to do it. If they have not done it, it is not the state’s fault that you did not renew it and also life is so unpredictable that things should be done way ahead of it, if you can really do it. Another thing is that people really are not that well informed or even informed about what is happening around them that they are surprised when they find out something which has been in the news for a long time. And then the people say, we are falling behind other nations in terms of knowledge and information.

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