Sunday, August 6, 2017

I don’t want to listen to your music

I usually ride the train whenever I need to go to the city and then walk around to my destination. Sometimes the train is quiet enough that you can catch a shut eye if you find a seat or just be yourself but most of the time, there will be one of two person who are listening to music which is loud enough to distract you from what you are doing. Some people are really annoying enough to blast their music so as to sound some cool person. I see it as being annoying class of human beings who think we should all be sharing his passion of music like we are his or her captive audience. And it is not only on the train but sometimes on the streets; some person will be walking by blasting his music or some car cranking the music up so that he or she can share what kind of obnoxious music they are listening. One can listen to all the music they want without blasting it through their ears and into the whole damn train, where you become the only object of dislike just because you choose to blast your music and provide free music to the unwilling and captive audience. It is not just a form of torture that they put you through but also in the long run damages your ear drums which I believe they don’t really care. In the end I don’t really care if you listen to classical music or some other kind, keep the music to yourself and volume down enough so that we the other people, who are already cranky from traveling, can have some peace and quiet for a few minutes with the people whom we would not like to travel but are forced to due to our circumstances.

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