Sunday, August 6, 2017

The North Korean situation

While the west and the U.S. were totally obsessed with a nonexistent Iranian nuclear threat (which has now be supposedly contained) and religiously trying to protect their allies in the Middle East, the world completely ignored what was happening in North Korea. Iranian threat was more of rhetoric but now that the North Korean have supposedly launched an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching Alaska and Hawaii, the U.S. has no options remaining in order to deal with them. They were trying to put pressure on the Chinese to force the North Korean to behave but it was a futile exercise. This I don’t understand, a country which has been portrayed as being on the brink of starvation and cut off from the rest of the world, develop nuclear bombs and ballistic technology and there is nothing the west and its allies can do but watch with helplessness. While the nuclear deal with Iran was done with the permanent United Nations members plus Germany and with threat of a U.S. attack, no such deal seems to be on the table with North Korea which seems to be a far great threat to the U.S. than Iran ever will be. The west and U.S. has secured its allies in the Middle East with the so called Iranian Nuclear deal but who will come to the rescue of the United States if the North Korea launches a nuclear strike in Hawaii or Alaska GOD forbid. I think that the West was so much consumed with the Iranian threat and were literally arrogant with the North Korean threat or maybe they thought that the Chinese will take care of the North Koreans, that they never thought that the day will come when the North Koreans will become a threat to the West world and its allies (Minus the Middle Eastern ones)

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