Sunday, August 6, 2017

The change in Saudi Arabia

The world got a surprise when the king of Saudi Arabia elevated his son to the post of crown prince, removing his nephew from the post who was instrumental in containing and fighting the menace of terrorism in the kingdom. Now the aging king pushed aside his nephew and elevated his young rising son to the post of Crown Prince. The new Prince was already making friends with President Trump of the U.S. and his senior adviser, his son in law and also is the architect to wean the Saudi Economy away from oil dependency to non oil revenue by a policy called vision 2030 opening up the Saudi market to foreign investment and selling some shares in the Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco. Although denied by the official Saudi sources, it has been reported that the new Prince is quietly quashing dissent by some of the elder princes and some of the purge is going on with the former crown prince loyalists. Although, news about palace intrigue is being controlled tightly but some news does come out. Anyway, the New Prince is also being reportedly behind the Yemen and Syrian war and is being aggressive on many foreign fronts, but a fresh blood was needed in the Saudi regime as the old ultra conservative people were looked as hurdles to the ambitions of the young Princes who have been educated in the Western world and want to bring foreign investment and technology to the kingdom. We will see how this clash of the old and the new guard plays out in determining the future of the Kingdom which is a very crucial partner of the west and Arab world’s largest economy.

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