Sunday, August 6, 2017

Vacation and Jobs

The magic word vacation, who would not want to have a vacation all the time, I mean it is fun to be away from work for a few days or few weeks trying to relax and not think about your co workers and your bosses and just unpleasantness of working in a closed environment. But every time that I have asked someone about their vacation, they say that had a fabulous time, but the time was too short, like when they say that weekend was great but it was too short. Most U.S. companies provide their employees two weeks of vacation per year with some three weeks per year as the starting point. So with these two or three weeks, it looks like the vacation time is short as compared to European countries. But the job provides you with the means and the money to finance your vacation. But when you do have the time, then you don’t have the means to finance your vacation. I am talking about when you unemployed, you have all the time in the world to go on vacation while still searching for a job but you don’t have the financial means and the mental stability to fulfill your wish to go on vacation for as long as possible since you are unable to sustain vacation even for trips that does not require air travel because the hotel accommodation is enough to bust your budget even when you have a job. A catch-22 situation indeed.

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