Saturday, July 8, 2017

The killing of a Muslim Teen-2

The problem with this case is that there were 15 teenagers who obviously have cell phones with them, why did not one of them call police and why did they run back to the mosque to alert their elders while not making sure everybody was safe? Why this group of 15 teenagers did not or could not handle one male with a baseball bat and why did they had the mentality of everybody for himself and ran away, especially the boy who had an argument with the suspect. If they were in a group, they knew each other so what kind of friends abandons their friend in need. The mosque as a community gathering was I believe not able to instill a sense of belonging to a community and it seems the kids were being coerced to attend the all night session. The father of the teen killed believes that it was a hate crime, which I have my doubts because there were nine girls in the group and he could have mowed down some of the girls, but it is not my opinion here. Nobody has asked the teens about the above mentioned relevant questions and it seems that the coward teens just abandon their friend. This just shows that the sense of belonging in a Muslim community is just a myth and when it comes to dangerous situation, the first instinct will be abandon and run. I am just surprised that a group of fifteen teens could not handle a man and did not use their cell phones to call for help while in happier situations, the same teens will record every silly antics and update their status every minute but in this crucial time had their brain frozen. I do hope that the remaining teens would be able to live to regret the events of that night but I have my serious doubts about it.

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