Thursday, July 6, 2017

On the job training

Since many companies are now complaining that they don’t have enough people to fill their jobs and those they have do not match the skills they want, would it not be a practical idea that there should be some sort of on the job training. Instead of this, the companies are clamoring to bring in cheap foreigner to do their job while the U.S. citizens are still looking for jobs. And since I am still looking for a job and interviewing, I have noticed that companies are still trying to look for that perfect candidate who they can hire and provide the least amount of training so that the seat left vacant by the departing employee is not disrupted at all. Sometimes they find it and sometimes the search goes on for months on end. The companies are reluctant to give potential employees on the job training but as my experience tells it , all the jobs require some kind of training since every companies culture wise is different and their style of working is also different. Sometimes I do understand the reluctance of the companies to provide training and sometimes I don’t. And as everybody knows the current U.S. President has had no experience in running for office (as readily acknowledged and documented by many) or having not elected to public office once, the U.S. electors still elected him. So if the U.S. voters (and I will assume many corporate executives) have elected a President who is having an on the job training, so I don’t see any reason not to have on the job training in companies who own revenues are miniscule compared to the U.S. government.

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