Sunday, July 2, 2017

The IT outsourcing industry in turmoil-2

Another thing is work ethics as the people in the U.S. want to work tightly on schedule while in India it is a laid back environment. Even if people are working as hard as possible, the remoteness of their outsourced work can affect the quality and end result of work. In the relentless effort to squeeze every dollar out of any savings they can get, this outsourcing trend ends up costing much anguish and anxiety to the people who work with them. But who gives a shit about the U.S. workers when outsourcing is all the rage. I have not travelled mostly on the east coast of the U.S. but reading much about the U.S. I am a staunch believer that outsourcing can be done in the U.S. easily but little bit more expensive. Also in order to ensure that the people in India or any outsourcing center overseas are working to the U.S. specifications, people from the U.S. travel to these places and stay in expensive hotels for weeks on end. So the expenses of monitoring work overseas negates all the expenses incurred in outsourcing the work and if something goes wrong in regards to compliance which does happen, then the fines imposed on them just makes it more meaningless to outsource work. The quality of work created by outsourcing does not justify the amount paid by U.S. companies as the U.S. workers get ripped off with lower quality work for the same amount of work. Hopefully as the new U.S. president raises the cost on outsourcing companies, the domestic based companies will have to find work in the U.S. where there are plenty of people willing to work.

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