Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Islamic Military Alliance-2

Afghanistan, which has also been hit by terrorists’ activities, is another case in point. Afghanistan has already NATO forces in the country but will it allow the Muslim NATO to come in and fight terrorism, I don’t think so. Egypt is the same, as it battles ISIS inspired groups will not allow Muslim NATO to come to their country. There has also been no mention of how many troops each country will provide and how many weapons they will set aside for this venture. What are the criteria of settling disputes among member nations? The recent spat with Qatar and some gulf states and their supporters is a case in point. The alliance has not even started yet and the members are fighting among themselves. The citizens of the countries who have joined in have no clue what it is all about. Making it an anti Iranian alliance will not help them bit because if they read their history they have been there all along. I am talking about the time when there was the Iran-Iraq war for eight years and all the Arab and Muslim countries and the western alliance supported the Iraqi regime and still the so called anti Iran alliance could not do much damage to the Iranian revolution. So calling it a Muslim NATO or some weird and laughable name when most of the countries defense budgets are negligible and they have their own problems at home will not make the alliance any stronger or threatening.

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