Saturday, July 8, 2017

The killing of a Muslim Teen

Recently in the last week of Ramadan (the Muslim religious month where the Muslims fast from dawn to dusk) a Muslim teenager was killed in Virginia by a Hispanic male who turns out to be living illegally in the country (which I believe is totally irrelevant to the crime). Although I don’t usually write about the criminal actions as it is an everyday occurrence and if I started to do that my whole blog will be about the crimes, but somehow this case attracted my attention. I am not conspiracy theorists, although sometimes I acknowledge that with the sheer amount of evidence and doubt that the conspiracy theorists provide, it is hard not to believe their logic. But back to my post, as I was saying this case was interesting in the sense that the Teen was wearing a hijab and was killed by a Hispanic man and so the Muslim community, including the teen’s family was demanding that the case be tried as a hate crime, while the Police insisted it was a road rage incident, which was gone bad. The killing went like this, a group of around 15 teens including five boys, went to a local restaurant late night around three and during their trip to the restaurant one of the boys had an argument with the driver of a vehicle and the driver out of rage took out a metal baseball bat and chased the kids and ultimately got hold of the girl and kidnapped the girl and reportedly assaulted her and killed her. While the boys ran to the nearby mosque to alert their elders, who came out to search and found out that the said girl was missing.

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