Saturday, August 22, 2020

To wear a mask or not

 Despite increasing number of corona virus cases and mounting evidence that wearing a mask at least helps you in not catching the virus, some people insist on not wearing one. Some have excuse that it is their right not to wear one, some insist that they cannot breath and some outright dismiss it as having no effect on them as they are healthy. It has become a big debating issue as people have even gone to fist fights and attacks when confronted by people who are wearing mask. Where I live, it is mandatory to wear mask when entering a store otherwise there is no either no entry or no service. I have no idea why some people are adamant of not using a mask when it is not only good for themselves but for the people around them. The vaccine has not been developed yet and even then one would not know that the person next to them six feet apart has the virus or not.

Although all fifty states and overwhelming countries of the world have endorsed the use of Masks and even forcing people to do the same, there will and are always some fringe people who are in their own world and refuse to wear a mask for their own sake and for others. The only solution is that since the advice and laws are not clearing working to force them to wear one, it is only the social ostracizing them publicly that they will come to their senses, other than this, people will keep on putting their lives at risk and the people around them.

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