Sunday, August 16, 2020

Corona Conspiracy theories

 As Corona virus has spread so has the conspiracy theory related to it in various forms and in various countries. Some are in complete denial that it exists and some are saying it is a lie or related to 5G technology. Some say that it was man made and some say that it was done in China or in the United States. Some are now refusing to take the vaccine if it comes out since they smell some conspiracy in that too. In other countries, the conspiracy has taken on a whole new meaning with some Muslims even saying that since they are very pious, it will not hurt the Muslims and this is a disease that afflicts only the non-Muslims, even though Muslims have also been dying despite being supposedly very pious. As with other conspiracy theories developed over the years by naysayers, this one has its share of deniers which reach the highest levels of government as some head of states saying that it is just a flu and refuse to wear a mask and are opposed to a lock down of their countries.

I have read some of the people who were in denial and said there is no such thing as Corona virus later on were infected with it and now they are the biggest proponent of the Corona Virus being real and warning others to take the virus seriously and take precautions. There is something about human nature that when one someone is unable to explain certain things or their brain cannot comprehend the reasoning and logic and facts of a certain event or situation, they try to create a narrative which fits their world view and then the peddle this to other like minded fellows and thus perpetuate this view even if it hits them in their face. Nobody can convince them otherwise of the futility of their views and the only way is to leave them alone and their views because you cannot convince all the people and there will always be some deniers and their blind followers. I may be also been fallen to this mentality but when faced with truth I have accepted it after researching and confirming the fact but conspiracy theories don’t want to be even bothered by research and they are convinced that what they think is right.

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